nineten studio (910)
architecture + art + calligraphy + design + research

nineten is a cross-disciplinary architecture student, designer + academic with wide experience across traditional art, design and architecture, from designing booklets, websites and wedding invitations to architectural and construction drafting, and conceptual design studies at master’s level.

studio 3.1_section.jpg


_master’s student, university of canberra, currently undertaking studio 4.1 led by Michael Jasper + Ben Walker
_drafting + design at Stack Space and Janet Thomson Architects
_SONA representative (student organised network of architects, AIA) 2015
_completed bachelor of arts in architecture with first class honours at the university of canberra, 2016 (with time studied at keio university, tokyo, japan)


_cross-disciplinary designer with a focus on traditional art + craft, calligraphy, lettering, mural work
_from small scale brochures through to websites, digital media, social media and video editing.


_ongoing research into communication of the perceptual realm in order to generate methods for site analysis and design of public spaces leading to healthy, liveable cities
_honours thesis, ‘communicating the in-communicable’ published by Urban Synergies Group